I buy most of my clothes new, and because I'm a bit of a clothes nut, I can't keep everything. I have been taking my outfits to Second Look for some time now. I always feel I get good value for them, and it helps to feed my clothing habit. When I do buy consignment, I like Second Look because I know there is top of the line clothing in excellent condition, and I will not have to look through heaps of trash while looking for something I like.


I typically can't afford alot of designer clothing. But when I have been looking something "new," I come to Second Look before I'll hit the boutiques. Also, I picked up beautiful Marc Jacobs hand bag that goes with most of the stuff I wear.


Second Look is hard core consignment. A lot of high end designer cloathing. Sandy, the owner, is no push over, so be prepared. But you will find stuff there that can't be found anywhere else.


I've spent a lot of time in Second Look. There are a lot of clothes in there, but it's the variety that keeps me coming back.